Saturday, October 20, 2012

SpeedHunters Features the Syborg - GMC Syclone

SpeedHunters just posted an article on Adam's Syborg GMC Syclone. This Syclone has lots of unique features that allow Adam to use the truck for a ton of automotive events.  Everything from Autocross to the Mohave Mile.

Turbonetics turbocharger

The truck is still powered by a turbocharged V6, but instead of the factory 4.3 Adam is running a 283 cubic inch aluminum “Bowtie” V6 from GM Performance. The motor work also includes a custom sheetmetal intake manifold, a Canton Racing Accusump system, and Big Stuff 3 engine management.
Great to see Adam get this project on the road, and using it the way he intended. Head over to SpeedHunters for the full article and pictures.

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