Sunday, October 2, 2011

GMC Typhoon on the dyno

12.11 and 11.95 GMC Typhoon at Pomona

This is before my GMC Typhoon was stolen and partially stripped. Ran though the fence at my house.  After these runs, I did one last set of runs, with a 11.85 best time.   Mods on the truck were fairly extensive. Turbo, cam, heads, pistons/rods, Accel DFI.

GMC Syclone and Typhoon

It all started way back in 1990 for me. Maybe even before then. Hot Rod, Car Craft or one of those magazines was showing the S-10 pickup with a 3.8 liter Grand National engine. When the truck finally did end up getting produced, instead of the honestly better Buick 3.8 liter engine, it came with a turbocharged version of the 4.3 liter V6 Chevrolet/GMC engine.

 When the trucks first came out in 1991, my familys business was exporting to Japan, and we had one customer that purchased a couple of them. The GMC Sylone had a short run, of only really one year. There were a couple of 1992's, but just a few.  For 1992 GM released the GMC Typhoon. The Typhoon was the SUV version of the Sylone. A little more practical than a turbocharged all wheel drive pickup that doesn't haul anything but ass.

My Typhoon, and a Japan bound Typhoon
I got my Typhoon in December 1992. It was a little less than a year old, with about 30,000 miles on it.  From then, I spent a lot of time with it, drag racing, street racing, and cruising all around the US.  Eventually it would end up getting stolen, recovered, and I would blow the engine up one last time. That was around 1999, and since then the truck has been parked. Pretty sad.

Sometime, I think it was around 1997-1998, I got a GMC Syclone. It had some issues, had been repainted gunmetal grey, missing driveshaft and some other pieces.  I drove that for a while, hurt the engine, rebuilt it once. Broke the trans a few times.  The last time I broke it, I parked it, and its been parked since. Both trucks need some fixing, and some motivation to actually do it.  My involvement with the Skyline GT-R, took a lot of my time, and money.  Now I need to start working on them again.